The Best Web Hosting Reviews 2020

We at Hosting-Review, believe that you deserve the most honest and up to date reviews. If you are looking for the best hosting services in India, stick with us and we will provide you the best experience possible.

⭐ How We Review The Best Web Hosting Services? ⭐

We consider many factors before we start reviewing a new brand. The idea is, to check as many possible things to make sure that we provide our users the best full picture and an honest conclusion about each brand. Those are the main factors we take into consideration while creating a new hosting review: 

  • 💨 Speed –  One of the most important factors to consider (if not the most important) is speed. If your website won’t stand in one line with Google’s Benchmark – you will lose a lot of potential traffic and the UX will probably be poor. 
  • 📍 Server locations – The server location is very important too. If the hosting server is located at the US, but you targeted audience is at the middle east – The speed results may be poor and disapointing. That is why we are doing all the efforts to provide you the exact server locations.
  • 🏷️ Price – We create the hosting review in a way that puts an emphasis on the user needs – we help you combine your needs with the desirable price. 
  • ⏫ Uptime guarantee – Every host provides an uptime guarantee. This is something that is usually backed-up by the host and can be checked with external tools. We look for an uptime of 99.9% at least. 
  • 🛡️ Security – The most common hosting service that users choose is the shared hosting. If the protection of the servers is poor, it leaves you and a lot of others open to attacks from 3rd parties. We want to make sure that you get the best security possible.
  • ➕ Additional services – It is always nice to get more than what you need. We are checking what additional services the hosting company provides. Such as: Internal web builders, free website migration and more. 
  • 🆘 Customer support – Last but not least, customer support. When you get stuck with something – is there someone you can trust to help you out? How long it takes until you get the help you need? How professional it is? All those, are the things we check for you.